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Can a Gaming Supplement Help Level Up Your Run?

Due to the popularity of video games, gamers have become more prevalent around the world and are more driven by competition. This has led into the development of eSports, which is a type of competition that involves playing video games. During the early 2000s, live streaming became a major factor in the growth of eSports.

Around 3 billion people around the world play video games, and almost 70% of households in the US have at least one member who does. 76% of Americans under 18, 67% of adults, and 7% of people older than 65 also play video games.

Just like professional pro athletes, eSports players are recognized for their impressive skill set. They can compete for college scholarships, receive sponsorships, go pro, and earn a good living! As a fellow gamer myself, I have been devoted to using my experience in medicine to come up with the perfect gaming supplement when gamers feel like they need a boost, without the negative effects like a sugary crash. This is why I created my very own XP-RX supplements focused on mind and body health in the gaming space. 

In this article, I will be covering these points relating to gaming health that include:

  • Skills needed as a gamer
  • How to improve gaming health  
  • Best gaming supplements for anyone 

What Does it Take to Be a Gamer?

Players need to have good mental skills to excel in gaming because it is a taxing sport that requires regular training. Besides playing games, athletes can also improve their brain training in a couple different areas. 

Effectively Manage a Cognitive Workload 

One of the most important factors that people need to consider when it comes to managing their cognitive load is being mentally present and focused during the time they're playing. Because of how taxing gaming can be, it's important that players are able to maintain their concentration and focus for long periods of time.

Visual-Spatial Skills

A good visual-spatial skill is a vital component of any gamer, as it allows players to recognize and react to the environment. Having this ability is very important in competitive games such as Fortnite. It allows them to evaluate their opponents and determine which actions are most appropriate.

Strong Attention Span

During practice sessions and matches, it's important that eSports athletes have a good attention span. They should be able to maintain their concentration and avoid getting distracted.

Manage Emotions

Being able to manage their emotions and anxiety is a major challenge for professional gamers. When a gamer is able to develop effective coping strategies, it can help improve the reaction time.

How Can I Improve My Health as a Gamer?

Professional gamers spend about 50 hours a week practicing. This means that they're likely going to have to engage in repetitive activities that can potentially cause pain and stress.

As professional gamers receive a monthly salary, they're also expected to exert more effort to improve their performance.

Due to the amount of prize money that's involved, it's clear that an injury could have a catastrophic impact on a professional gamer's career. This is why it's so important for gamers (professionals and amateurs alike) to stay in shape both mentally and physically. Check out these tips you can follow to stay as healthy as possible while gaming!

Hand and Wrist Exercises

The careers of prominent esports players such as Lee "Flash" Young Ho have been ruined by repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. But, by taking regular breaks, you can lessen the risk of getting these injuries.

To minimize the risk of getting injured, try performing various exercises that involve stretching and moving your wrists in a circle. Doing so will help improve the flexibility of your wrists and hands.

Work on Your Posture

Poor posture can make it harder for us to keep our wrists and hands aligned properly. To avoid getting into trouble, try sitting with a straight back and placing your monitor at eye level.

If you're too lazy to maintain a proper posture, then you might end up causing other problems in your body such as digestive issues and soreness in your shoulders. To avoid this, try taking standing breaks for at least 15 minutes a day.

Avoid Eye Strain

Although it's easy to get carried away by a game, it's important to give your eyes a break. Excessive screen time can cause eye strain and headaches.

To prevent getting carried away by the game, try taking a break for at least 15 minutes each hour. You should also check your monitor's brightness to make sure it's not too bright.

Proper Nutrition 

While gaming and junk food may seem to go hand-in-hand, your gameplay will benefit if you don't eat too much of that. 

Getting a balanced diet is also important to ensure that you are able to perform at your best. Having three solid meals a day can help set you up for a successful gaming session. If you feel like you need to snack, try to make healthy food options a part of your daily routine.


It is recommended to avoid any kind of energy drinks and drink water instead. Drinking too much coffee and sugary beverages can also affect your sleep and stress you out.

Getting enough water is also important to ensure that you are able to perform at your best. A 5% decrease in hydration levels can lead to a drop in energy levels by around a third. Having six glasses of water a day can help boost your concentration and improve your energy levels.


If you are one of those people who habitually plays video games late at night, then your body's circadian rhythm will be disrupted, which will make it hard for you to get enough sleep.

We  recommend that you get at least an hour away from your screens before going to bed. If this isn't possible, try using an app like f.lux, which can help you adjust the light that your monitor produces.

Mental Fitness

Aside from being physically fit, mental health also plays an important role in your overall well-being. 

Talk to your friends if you are feeling stressed out, and try to take a break from gaming occasionally. Having a balanced lifestyle and staying physically fit can help minimize the effects of stress on your mental health.

Gaming Supplements for All

Strong gaming supplements are designed to provide the perfect amount of energy and focus, so you won’t have to worry about nerves or jitters. There are also ingredients in gaming supplements that can be beneficial for those other than gamers, like athletes. There are lots of gaming supplements out there, so check out some of the ones with the best formulas!

Dr. Emil XP-RX Capsules

Dr. Emil XP-RX capsules
Image courtesy of Dr. Emil Nutrition, where you can buy a 30-day supply for just $44.95

I have my very own gaming supplements that are designed to support memory, energy, focus, and eye health! You can find these ingredients within these supplements:

  • Teacrine: Teacrine has been shown in laboratory studies to support dopamine production that helps reduce fatigue.
  • Dynamine: Nootropic known to both increase alertness and the uptake of oxygen in muscles, leading to improved performance and quick responses.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine acts as a natural stimulant to keep you energized throughout a long gaming session.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D and K can improve vision and support eye health to prevent certain challenges faced by gamers like dry eyes.
  • Huperzine A: Huperzine A increases levels of acetylcholine that can help support memory and mental function to guarantee you’re at the top of your game. 


Image courtesy of GNC, where you can find this supplement online and in most stores for $39.99

In order to play video games, one needs a unique kind of energy. GHOST Gamer delivers that type of energy in a well-rounded and balanced way. We noticed a noticeable difference in the way players react and perform when using this product.

The first ingredient in this formula is NooLVL, a component of Nutrition21, which has been studied and found to be incredibly effective in improving the performance of gamers. When combined with other ingredients in Gamer, it works out great. The next one is Taurine, which is a type of amino acid that helps with hydration and blood flow. Taurine can also increase muscle mass, strength, and power, while also working to reduce muscle damage. Perfect ingredient for an athlete such as a runner!

Another great component is Cognizin Citicoline, which is a high-quality form of choline that can help with concentration. You also get 150mg of caffeine in two scoops, which is a great dose for anyone who is looking to improve their performance. 

AdvancedGG Focus

Advanced GG Focus
Image courtesy of Amazon, where you can find these supplements for $39.99

Over the past couple of years, AdvancedGG has been making waves in the gaming industry. Due to the increasing popularity of the genre, many companies are now launching under-the-table caffeinated drinks designed for gamers. AdvancedGG's product is a popular choice.

The company's Focus is easily one of the most popular products on this list due to its solid ingredients. The formula's various active ingredients are designed to help improve the performance of gamers. The first step in the formula's development is a clinical dose of NOoLVL. After that, you get a dose of Alpha GPC and Choline Bitartrate.

Everyone wants a boost in energy, and Focus provides 200mg of natural Caffeine. To minimize the negative effects of Caffeine, you also get a dose of Theanine, which can help calm down and focus when combined with the supplement. Theanine is also commonly used among athletes, because it increases the concentration of glycogen in the liver. Glycogen is used as fuel when you work out. 

Another great addition to the formula is Astaxanthin, which is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. 

The final ingredients include black pepper extract and Huperzine. Black pepper can help facilitate the absorption of certain ingredients, while Huperzine is a type of inhibitor of an enzyme that prevents the breakdown of certain nutrients in the brain. These two ingredients are well-positioned in Focus.

Try Out a Gaming Supplement Today

With so many variations of gaming supplements out there, you should now have more of an idea on some of the most effective ones out there. Whether you are a gamer, athlete, or ordinary person, gaming supplements can provide the energy and focus boost you need along with a variety of other physical benefits.

You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.